The Lucid Theory


1459 DR

Twenty-three years have passed since the end of the War of the Dragons, and the catastrophes inflicted to Toril have not been forgotten. Ruined cities, cremated bodies, incinerated forests… are some of the scars, left to remind us of the war. People will never forget… the land will never forget… the loss and suffering of those four endless years. The War of the Dragons scarred the land so deep, with fire and brimstone, that these burning wounds brought haunting memories of the great spellplague to the world of Toril again. Misery and despair found shelter in the hearts of people once more…

Even though two terrible disasters have hit the world of Toril, the land is being healed and the people are rebuilding their homes and hopes. The last twenty-three years have been peaceful, yet painful to others. But amidst the resting, something stirs in the corners of Toril, something that will change things forever in the near future….



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